Absentee Form


To Be Filled Out For Every Absence (Excused Or Unexcused)

Attendance is very important to the success of a member and a team. In order to request an EXCUSED or UNEXCUSED absence (when you return from your unexcused absence), this form must be submitted. Requests of an excused absence are granted at the coaches’/management’s discretion. (See Parent/Cheerleader Handbook for policy).

All absences due to an acute illness, death in the family, or school event requiring a grade – must be emailed to ececentral@hotmail.com into the gym by a PARENT or GUARDIAN. A member may not phone the gym with this information. This form MUST also be provided. No texts, emails, or calls to private cell phones will be accepted unless it is a competition day or an emergency. If a member is just “under the weather”, attendance at practice is still expected unless symptoms of rash, productive cough, vomiting, diarrhea or fever are present. Members will be allowed to rest and observe at practice.

If a member is unable to practice due to long-term illness/injury, a note from a doctor is needed for the absence to be excused. An additional doctor’s note is also needed in order to return to participate in practice. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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