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Can I cheer all-stars? What if I’ve never cheered before?

Yes! All-star cheerleaders range in age from 3 years old to adults. Experience levels also range widely. There is a place for everyone at ECE Central, no matter what their current level of experience. We place our cheerleaders based on age, experience and ability. What better place to learn to cheer than at a facility that specializes in cheerleading?!

Does everyone make a team?

Yes. We are looking to form Tiny through Senior teams of all levels. We will select athletes for teams based on age and skill level according to the USASF guidelines, levels 1-6.


What should I expect at tryouts?

Tryouts are an assessment of current skill levels. You do NOT need gymnastics skills to be placed on a team and no one is required to perform any skill in front of anyone alone, as tryouts are held in small groups.



What should I wear to tryouts?

Please wear athletic clothing (shorts, yoga pants, t-shirt or tank) and athletic sneakers. Your hair should be tied up and off your shoulders. You should leave all jewelry at home.


How much does it cost?

Tuition ranges from $80 - $120 per month and includes up to 5 hours of practice per week and  drop-in tumbling. Monthly tuition is for the costs of your weekly classes, coach fees and tumble lessons.

There are additional costs associated with participating in an all-star cheer program such as competition fees, choreography/music and uniforms. A detailed list of anticipated expenses is provided at tryouts. We divide these costs into smaller payments, spread out over several months. Many cheerleaders and families participate in fundraising opportunities to offset these expenses.  


What will the time commitment be?

Our full year program runs from June to April. Competitions typically begin in late December and run through early April. Cheerleading is a team sport and every team member is needed to have a successful practice. All practices and competitions are mandatory, with a limited number of absences allowed.

We also offer half year teams for those who are looking for less of a commitment. Tryouts for half year teams are held in November and the season runs from December to April.


Where/When are competitions?

Competitions typically begin in December and run through early April. Depending on the team, there will be 5-6 one and two day local competitions. All local competitions are held on the weekends and are within New England. Some teams may also compete at one travel Nationals. Examples of a travel Nationals location are Myrtle Beach, SC, Dallas, TX and Nashville, TN.  


What if I just want to tumble?

We offer tumbling classes that are open to all, not just team members. You may choose to attend tumbling once or twice per week. Our tumbling schedule changes in the summer and during the school year but we always have several classes available. Our current tumbling schedule, as well as pricing, can be found under "What We Offer".  Private lessons are also available to those wishing to work on particular skills. 


What is the cancellation policy for snow days?

In the event of inclement weather, we may be required to cancel practices. When this happens, we will change the voicemail on the gym phone and will make our best efforts to contact team members via e-mail, social media, and phone.

If your school is closed, it does not necessarily mean that practices are cancelled. If you have any doubts about whether the gym is open, you should call before coming to practice.