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ECE Central started as Cheer Central Stormz in 1998 by sisters Rosalie, Robin and Kimberly Allain. In 2013, Cheer Central joined forces with East Celebrity Elite, creating the ECE Central location. ECE Central is one of five East Celebrity Elite gyms in New England. We are proud to be members of this successful and respected program that ranks amongst the Nation’s most elite.

The Allain sisters started with a dream of bringing all-star cheerleading to New England. They wanted to provide a program where athletes could focus on the sport of cheerleading, rather than having competitive cheerleading take a backseat to sideline cheering. Cheer Central Stormz was one of the premier all-star cheerleading programs in New England. Now, that program is over 15 years strong with dozens of teams and hundreds of athletes having called us home over the years.

Our program continues to evolve with the ever-changing world of cheerleading. Our staffs’ training and commitment to excellence continues to provide the positive influence and individual attention that our athletes need. Whether you want to learn the basics of tumbling or you desire to compete at a national level, we would love for you to join our family and call ECE Central home!