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Ninja Training is on hold. Please check back or email us for updates!

Central Sports, at ECE Central, offers ninja-warrior style classes for athletes in grades K-3. The class curriculum is a hybrid of obstacle training, tumbling, and strength and conditioning exercises. Athletes will use trampolines, a traversing wall, an agility ladder and a slack line to master their movements.



Central Sports provides structured classes inspired by Ninja Warrior. Ninja Training is a skill-based class that combines military style obstacle courses, cross-training and tumbling instruction. Classes will aim to help your active child to develop strength, balance, and coordination. Ninja Training classes consist of rock wall climbing, a ninja slack line, an agility ladder, climbing rope and fun obstacles.

There is currently not a Ninja Training class scheduled for the September, 2019 session.

Register now by emailing us at ececentral@hotmail.com. Sessions are 4 weeks each and tuition is $50 per session.  

All athletes must be registered with ECE Central. Registration is $25 annually for classes and is good from June 1st-May 31st each year.