Welcome to East Celebrity Elite Central


ECE Central will be adding a Level 5 team for the 2015-2016 season!

We are offering plenty of classes leading up to our try-outs on May 20th so that you can come in and perfect your skills! 


Unlimited classes are only $100 per student ($75 for tiny/mini-2 classes per week). Classes will start the week of April 27th and run through May 29th. If you have questions as to which classes your child should be attending, please feel free to ask our staff. If your child is signed up for a class that is not at their level, they will be moved into the appropriate class. Don't miss out on this great deal...register now!

To download a copy of the May Skills Class Schedule please go to our "Forms" section located on the webpage menu.


Don't miss out on your chance to join the ECE family!

Tryouts are open to ALL cheerleaders, whether beginner or elite. Every athlete is placed on a team that is suitable to their age and abilities. We welcome any questions that you may have about the tryout process or about our program. Please open our link to "All=Star Teams" in the left-hand column for additional information. 

Feel free to join us in the weeks leading up to tryouts to learn some new skills (see May Skills classes). 

Check out our video for a sneak peak at what we have to offer: https://youtu.be/A-QZvaZZJZk


ECE Central will be offering 2 weeks of Cheer Camp in July. Below is information on our Cheer Camps. 

We will also have a 3rd week of camp from July 27th-31st. Additional information on that camp will be available shortly.

ECE Central is a family-owned and operated cheerleading and tumbling school. We offer classes and competitive teams for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels.

Too often, parents are forced to choose between enrolling their child in a cheer program that has high family values and teaches good character OR placing their child in a national caliber gym with excellent technical training and elite level choreography. You CAN have BOTH! ECE Central offers traditional values, positive role models, a family atmosphere, AND national recognition, incredible training and innovative choreography. We know that family is the cornerstone of every child’s character! Strong families make our athletes and our program better!

Family has always been at the center of our cheer philosophy: from the development of our program by three sisters, to our belief that each student is an extension of our “family”, and, most recently, becoming a member of the ECE family. We are passionate about sharing our love of the sport of cheerleading and we endeavor to provide a safe and fun experience to each of our students. Our goal is to help each student develop their full potential as an athlete while teaching them the importance of teamwork, commitment, and friendship.

Our success is not only measured by the number of banners and trophies on the wall, but by what each athlete takes from their experience here. ECE does not just stand for East Celebrity Elite. It also stands for Empowerment, Character and Equality…values we strive to instill in every athlete who steps on our mat.